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Harlan Underford

Basic Info

Harlan Underford
Personal Information

Full Name: Harlan Underford
Nickname: Badger
Known Aliases: Baronet Underford of Darkcrest, Sparrowhawk. Also, Sam Adams, John Walker, Captain Morgan, etc..
Class: Rogue, Arcane Trickster
Background: Thief
Race: Lightfoot Halfling
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Distinguishing Features: missing finger on left hand

Date of Birth: 10th of Dust 9723
Place of Birth: 6th Ward of Dog Fenn in Fynwell
Birthsign: Fox
Patron Deity: Gods Between Walls and The Goldmane Strider


Character Backstory

Harlan Underford was born in the 6th Ward of Dog Fenn, the run down, disreputable quarter of the great city of Fynwell. He joined Thieves Guild at young age as this was the best career path out of the slums. He did a few successful minor jobs until the disaster in the Lichford Hills district.

The job that did him in was a four man burglary run on a mansion owned by the Karlsberg family commissioned by Grunslik Tar of Flyside. Tar was interested in certain rare works of art. The heist went very badly, as Karlsberg men knew the thieves were coming and set up an ambush. Two of Harlan's co-conspirators died. Redbeard Pete, the other survivor, was convinced Harlan was the snitch who sold the team out to Karlsbergs.

Karlsberg family kept things quiet for a while, but armed men have been seen in Dog Fenn asking about "a Badger" and "a Redbeard". Supposedly they want them alive for questioning.

Grunslik Tar was angry, not just because of the failed the job, but also because he does not want Karlsberg's men to know about his operations. He knows that they have ways of extracting information out of people. Not that anyone involved in the Lichford Hills job knew anything of importance. But for Grunslik, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Harlan decided it was best to lay low for a while. Perhaps leave the city altogether until things blow over. Which is how he ended up in Fairhaven along with the rest of the Protagonists.

Known Quirks

Harlan really hates rats.


Family, Allies and Contacts

  • Helga Underford: mother, lives in a small hovel on Thistle Bend in the 6th ward of Dog Fenn. She cooks and serves at the Rocking Horse tavern on Ashpit Cove.
  • Herb Underford: elderly uncle. Owns a small tannery business in Flyside.
  • Gideon, Finn and Sorcha: childhood friends from Dog Fenn. Gideon and Sorcha are fellow Thieves Guild members. Finn went legit works at the Fish Market. He has a wife and two kids and rents a place on Sheyburn Lane.

Items and Treasure

Harlan carries the following items and weapons:


I found this animal, can you tweet Richard?


Since learning Tasha's Hideous Laughter, Badger has been moonlighting as a comedian. His jokes have about a 50% success rate so far with his targets, he may want to consider keeping his day job.

  • To Broblin, "Hey Goblin, where does a king keep his armies? In his sleeveies!"
  • To the bugbear, "How do fish go to war? In fish tanks!"
  • "What does the goblin say when he can't grab the fog? Mist."