Vigo Verner

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Vigo Verner

Vigo Verner is the head of the Verner Clan and leader of the Quillons. ​ He is also known as Vain Vigo, but he despises that nickname, and will challenge anyone using it to a duel on the spot.

He is a proud man of great ambition known for his expensive tastes, short temper, and his love of dueling both for sport, and as means of defending his family's honor. When the rapier is in his hand, he fights like a demon. Some even say he might be possessed by one.

Vigo’s only goal in life is to fulfill his family's legacy put Verners in the House of Lords. He will do anything to achieve it. As such, he is not afraid to dip his toes into the cities underworld and engage in various criminal activities to extend his influence and amass wealth.

He leads a crime syndicate know as Quillons, is a member of The Triumvirate and has a seat on the Shadow Council.