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Basic Info

Seraphina Goodbarrel
Personal Information

Full Name: Seraphina Goodbarrel
Nickname: -
Known Aliases: -
Class: Warlock
Background: unknown
Race: Lightfoot Halfling
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: blue
Distinguishing Features: wooden hand made out of living roots and branches

Date of Birth: 7th of Torrent
Place of Birth: Fairhaven
Birthsign: Stag
Patron Deity: The Unicorn Queen

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Character Backstory

Seraphina is a citizen of Westmarch and lived in Fairhaven at the time of the Siege of Fairhaven. She managed to escape the city along with the refugee fleet and like many Fairhaven residents she ended up in a Koda work camp. There she was quartered in the same tent as Zorry Feathermoon.

During her internment at the camp, Seraphina caught Zorry practicing her Duridic magic to conjure food and supplies for the needy. Instead of turning her in, she decided to help Zorry to distribute the food, and the two became friends.


Seraphina is a follower of Lurue and serves the Archfey Kouneli'fengari.

Family, Allies and Contacts

Seraphina has a Sprite familiar.