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Flag of Koda City


Koda is one of the largest cities in South Reach located about 3 days travel by boat away from Fairhaven.

The city has been carved out of steep shore cliffs and encircles Koda Bay - the gigantic sea port at it's feet. Travelers who arrive in the city for the first time are usually awestruck at it's unique architecture. Instead of sprawling across the horizon like most cities, Koda rises up almost vertically from the sea. It's buildings have been either carved directly from the cliff walls or erected on rising stone shelves. Except for narrow streets and rooftops there is little flat space to be found here. Visitors describe it as if docking within a huge amphitheater and remark on the overwhelming perceived weight of the city.

Some say that Koda City is the only city in the world of this size in which every building is visible from the port. This is, of course not true, since Koda extends deep into the cliffs and many of it's structures lie underground, away from the sun. There also exist towers and structures topside which can't be seen from the port, but which oversee the plains and deserts to the West.

As it is true for most Emirate settlements, majority of Koda inhabitants are human, but the elites, ruling class and the military are mostly composed of Deep Folk easily distinguished by their ash gray skin and red eyes.

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