Floor Tile Puzzle

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Floor Tile Puzzle

The Floor Tile Puzzle is a magical security device located in Lord Aiden's Study past the library.

The puzzle consists of a 5x5 grid of pressure plates labeled with glyphs from the Paragon Alphabet. In theory someone proficient with should be able to navigate the puzzle with no problems by choosing words and symbols to step on, so it appears to have been built to keep out mortals and common riffraff.

Stepping on one of the pressure plates activates the magical effect corresponding to it's glyph. Stepping off the pressure plate, causes it to flip to the other side, revealing another glyph. This means that one person traversing the puzzle will change the pattern for the next person.

The pressure plates seem to be calibrated to activate only when a person steps on them. Throwing a water skin or a sack of sand onto a plate seems to have no effect.

The protagonists were able to identify the following glyphs:


The cage trap lowers a solid cage made out of diamond hard, fully transparent crystal. Person trapped in the cage can be released if another person steps on an adjacent "reveal" tile which will activate it, and reverse the effect.

The Protagonists were able to discover that two people can fit on a single pressure plate, and that the pressure plates do not seem to react to sudden changes in weight as long as someone is still standing on them Thus they were able to "conga line" through the puzzle.