Lord Aiden's Study

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Lord Aiden's Study

Lord Aiden's Study is an extraplanar pocket dimension similar to the Extraplanar Portal Hub.

It is accessible via a Magical Tapestry Portal depicting a library. This tapestry is located on the second floor of Lord Aiden's Mansion.

The study is a Steelstone platform suspended in a vast empty expanse of space, and against a backdrop of distant stars. It has no walls, but it's edges are protected by magical force field that makes it impossible to fall off, or throw off of it.

The portal from the mansion leads to a large library with many book shelves. The library is connected to the inner chambers via a long walkway.

The Library

The Library section of the study contains the return portal back to the mansion. On the other side of the room, opposite the portal there is a large pedestal occupied by a Flumph Librarian. There is an exit door behind the pedestal.

The two aisles to the left and right of the pedestal and entrance are flanked by large Steelstone books shelves, filled with many strange tomes.

All the book shelves and both doors are protected by mechanical Steelstone curtain walls, that are operated by the librarian.

The library is maintained and protected by Caretaker Modrons which appear to have been ordered to keep the place clean and secure.

The Winding Walkway

The winding walkway is a long walkway that connects the library to the The Floor Tile Puzzle and the inner chamber. It appears to be patrolled by the Flumph Librarian who appears to swim outside of the force field that protects the edges of the platform. It looks similarly to the Extraplanar Portal Hub being a Steelstone walkway surrounded by stars.

The Inner Chamber

The Inner Chamber is located behind the tile puzzle and protected by a large Steelstone door. The door is locked using the Combination Lock puzzle. The chamber inside appears to be a private section of the library and the actual study with private desks and resting couches and other living space arrangements.

It has been the primary residence of Arielle since the Purge.


Similarly to Lord Aiden's Mansion, his study also has many defenses in place.

  • Only accessible via magical tapestry portal requiring a keystone for entry
  • Flumph Librarian who controls library access
  • Sealing doors and library books to prevent unauthorized access
  • Caretaker Modrons
  • The Floor Tile Puzzle that is capable of trapping entrants among other unknown possibilities
  • The Inner Chamber is protected by Combination Lock