Asor Er'Hanu

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Dead.png Dead This character either died, has permanently perished or was destroyed.

Asor Er'Hanu

Asor Er'Hanu was the Garrison Commander and Overseer of the Barren Cliffs Refugee Camp.

A brutal and vindictive man, he reveled in the suffering of the detainees and resented all citizens of Westmarch. He considered his post at the Barren Cliffs to be beneath him and took out his frustration on his underlings and the prisoners. The guards at the camp feared him greatly and never questioned his orders which turned out to be disastrous when Bilbido Tastyflute learned how to impersonate him using magic.

Er'Hanu was also a Cleric of The Scribe and a Companion of the Palid Mask.

He was killed by Harlan Underford during the prison riot that resulted in liberation of the Barren Clifs camp.