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Darkshire was a county which existed on the Eastern shores of Drakefel about a hundred years prior to establishment of the Kingdom of Westmarch.

Darkshire was ruled by Count Drakenhoff who resided in the mysterious and elusive Drakenhoff Estate.

The region was known for it's perpetually overcast weather, gloomy atmosphere and high level of undead activity. The later prompted the Church of Blazing Glory to mount a violent Crusade which culminated in the sack of the Drakenhoff Estate in 9403. The inhabitants of the region fled during the crusade, or were later forcibly relocated by the church.

The land laid barren for close to hundred years, until it was re-settled by Westmarch settlers who built the great port city of Fairhaven and it became part of the Southshore province.

In 9749 the region was re-named to Summervale and given to House Summers.