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Below is the information about the Gods of Eoran setting.

Old Gods

The Old Way or The Old Creed is the ancient worship of the supreme cosmic being Enas Theos through its five prime aspects: The Blazing Sun, The Crescent Moon, The Vast Sky, The Earth Below and Theos the World Spirit.

These five aspects are often refereed to as the Old Gods, and their respective symbols are usually arranged into a circular pattern known as Theosian Pentacle, with the four tangible aspects in the corners, and the intangible world spirit in the center. Theos is he most elusive of the five gods as it's role is to bind, guide and coordinate the other four and act through them.

The druids who practice this religion can commune with the Old Gods, seeking their guidance or drawing power from them. Unlike the new gods who will often involve themselves in the lives of mortals, the Old Gods are ponderous and slow to act, and at times appear dormant and unresponsive outside their continuous efforts to keep the machinery of life in motion.

New Gods

The New Gods of Eoran are believed to be Paragons created by the world spirit Enas Theos to fight the eldritch cosmic identity Skonis Asteri and who have attained their divine power by defeating it and ascended to true godhood after the Purge.

Primary Gods

The ten primary gods are as follows:

These gods are worshiped all across the world, and can be expected to have heir temples in all the major cities.

Minor Gods

There is an untold number of minor gods. Some of them are nearly as powerful and as widely worshiped as the primary gods, but most are either less known, or considered less influential. Many are regional deities or patron gods of specific towns or cities. The gods listed below are either prominent and widely worshiped or somehow relevant to the campaign:


The Outsiders pantheon encompasses deities that fit into neither the Old Gods or the New Gods pantheons, and who do not concern themselves with their affairs. These gods are not descended from primary cosmic entities, nor do they trace their lineage to the Paragons. They range from household protectors strongly tied to humanity, to incomprehensible eldritch monstrosities from nightmare planes that defy human understanding.

Divine Entities

The entities listed in this section are not gods, but powerful magical creatures such as Fiends and Archfey.


When creating entries for Eoran deities please remember to do the following: