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Arielle is the last surviving descendant of a Paragon. She herself is neither a human nor a god.

She is very tall (close to 8') and has long, bright red hair of unusual shade. She wears very peculiar clothing that seems both centuries out of fashion, but at the same time strangely timeless and unique to her.

She is the daughter of Lord Aiden. Arielle reports that her mother was also "like her and Tempus", which may mean potentially a Paragon or close descendant of one. She claims to have known Tempus who would often attend family gatherings.

She has spent the last few centuries trapped in Lord Aiden's Study which is how she survived the Purge. She was able to finally get out when the Protagonists entered the study searching for Lord Aiden's Trade Ledger. She knows very little about the modern world, and is interested to learn more about it. She has agreed to trade the Ledger for one of the Key Stones that allows one to traverse the Magical Tapestry Portal that connects the study to Lord Aiden's Mansion.

Though not as strong as Aiden or Tempus, She has considerable magic powers and was able to heal the protagonists with the snap of her fingers, leaving them fully rested. She can also extremely easily dispel Samuel Summers's Drakenhoff visage and hold Mr Clatterby at bay.

She wishes to keep her identity and existence secret for her own safety, and if the truth got out about who she truly was it could turn the world upside down.