Legend of Paragons

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Many thousands of years ago, the Old Gods created a race of powerful immortal beings known as the Paragons. The Paragons were tasked with tending to the prime material plane, protecting it from incursions and protecting it's inhabitants. In addition to their role as protectors and maintainers of the material realm, the Paragons took on leadership roles guiding the lesser, mortal races and teaching them art, science and magic. Under the guidance of the immortals the kingdoms of humans, elves and dwarfs flourished and lived in harmony with nature.

Due to their greed and envy however, mortals rebelled against the Paragons in the great war known as the Purge. During the Purge the material vessels of the Paragons were destroyed but their souls ascended to the higher planes from where they still guide the ungrateful mortals as the Gods of Eoran.

When they had physical bodies the Paragons often interbred with mortals. Their children were mortal but inherited some of their power. Their distant descendants are the Sorcerers of today.

After the Purge the world was plunged into a dark age as many of the binding spells and wondrous artifacts they maintained broke or stopped working. The nature grew wild and untamed, previously docile monsters started roaming the world hunting for prey, planar rifts opened allowing fey and fiend incursions. Mortal tyrants fought for power and established their corrupt empires.

During the dark ages much of the knowledge and magic of the Paragons was lost. Their artifacts were destroyed and their mortal students and descendants were persecuted and killed by the jealous tyrants.