Smiling Sullivan

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Dead.png Dead This character either died, has permanently perished or was destroyed.

Smiling Sullivan and Forest George

Smiling Sullivan is a Fairhaven crime lord and the #1 competitor of Rando DeButt. He is aggressively moving onto Rando's territory. His gang is smaller, and more poorly equipped than Rando's but much more ruthless and uncompromising. Sullivan is working hard at making himself appear more respectable, than his competitor by playing up the fact that he is a human, and that does not have a funny last name.

Unbeknownst to most, Sullivan is actually the Sovereign, the undisputed, and only leader of the Fairhaven Cartel. Only the high ranking members of his organization know that he is not competing with, but rather ruling over the two other crime bosses in the city. The street level thugs are kept in the dark about this fact.

His enforcer is "Forest" George, a huge bearded ranger almost as large as Krud DeButt.

Smiling Sullivan officially controls part of the docks, and warehousing district. His territory is marked blue on the map below:


Being the Sovereign, however he oversees all crime activity in the city. Being one of the three crime bosses is merely a convenient misdirection.

In an unexpected turn of events, Sullivan was assassinated by Two Knives Tim upsetting the power balance in the city.