Summers Family

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Summers Family

Fergus and Miriam Summers were servants of Count Drakenhoff and parents to Samuel Summers.

Fergus was a groundskeeper at the Drakenhoff Estate, and Miriam worked in the kitchens.

During the siege of the Drakenhoff Estate Fergus chose to accept the dark gift and help to protect the mansion. He then forced the gift upon his wife to ensure she would not be drained, as other servants who refused to be turned into vampires.

Both were killed by Knights of Tempus during the crusade and siege of Drakenhoff Estate. Fergus died on the wall, fighting against the holy paladins.

Miriam refused to fight and stayed behind protecting her son. She was able to survive long enough in order to give the gift to her son and then hide him inside of a wine casket in one of the cellars before she was captured and executed.