Thieve's Guild (Fynwell)

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Thieve's Guild Symbol

The Fynwell Thieve's Guild is a local cell of the loosely organized international Thieves Guild organization that operates in major cities of the world.

Like most of the cells in the organization, it uses the Thieves Guild iconography, and specific Thieve's Cant jargon as the other cells, but is independently run at the local level. It freely shares information with other cells.

Because of it's respective size, and number of members, the Fynwell guild is considered one of the most prominent cells world wide, and it's policies and decisions are usually adopted by all the other local guild cells. The Fynwell guild masters are seen as the de-facto world wide leaders.

Allies and Enemies

The Fynwell Thieve's Guild operates under the supervision of the Shadow Council which regulates and oversees all criminal activities in the city. Because the guild is focused on profit making, it does not tend to hold long term grudges against other crime syndicates in the city.

Crime Enterprise

The guild controls all thievery, including pick-pocketing, burglary, robbery as well as many crooked gambling dens, and scam rackets. In the last two cases, it competes with Barkers and Tor-Ban. It also controls much of the sea-port smuggling operations, but not much of the inland and river ports which are controlled by River Rats

Guild Leadership and Structure

The Guild Hall is in the 7th Ward of Stonedeep district.

  • Guild Master: Archibald Fisk (human)
  • Guild Treasurer: Samsa Tornberry (halfling)
  • Shadow Councillor: Ingrid Thistle (human)

At the lower level of leadership the city is divided into regions, each controlled by a Guild Secretary. The secretaries form a body known as Guild Secretariat, which responds directly to the Guild Master.

For example Grunslik Tar is the Guild Secretary for the Dog Fenn / Flyside region.