Tomb of Darius Corellius

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The Tomb of Darius Corellius is the final resting place of the Purge era Councillor Darius Corellius. According to the legend, the Councillor was buried with all his earthly possessions, including his slaves, servants and attendants. Same legend also claims that all of the legions under his control have committed a ritual suicide in his burial chamber, so that they could serve him when he rises from the dead.

The surviving descriptions of the tomb depict it as a vast chamber with a ornate dais on which the remains of Corellius are seated upon a golden throne, overlooking a vast army of dead warriors, dressed in their finest armor, awaiting his orders.

The location of the tomb has been lost for centuries (or intentionally erased from history), until Richard Oddenheim uncovered ancient documents mentioning that during it's construction, the building crews have breached into underground ruins of a long forgotten Dwarven Fortress.

Oddenheim was able to pinpoint the location of the fortress to a single mountain chain in the Kingdom of Westmarch, and eventually find the tomb itself thanks to the help of a group of unsuspecting, plucky adventurers.