William's War

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William's War was a civil war for the throne of the Kingdom of Westmarch fought between the Crown Prince William Helmsworth and the Regent of Westmarch Viktor Charlie which was fought between 9700 and 9712.

The war erupted in 9700 when the prince turned 16, and by laws of Westmarch was able to take the mantle of the King. Charlie who was, at the time, the Regent of Westmarch refused to abdicate claiming the young prince was tainted by evil. This resulted in escalation and a protracted armed conflict.

In 9705 the Charlie's army was crushed during the Battle of Penbrook, and he was forced to retreat to the sparsely populated Northern province of Nam and go into hiding. From there he continue send out decrees, and proclamations decrying Prince William, and trying to gain support of foreign powers and legitimize his claim on the throne. According to some historical records he was negotiating relinquishing some of the Southern provinces to the Kharnate in exchange for their support.

The Crown forces lead a devastating 7 year campaign of attrition, slowly canvasing the province and cutting of the loyalist supply chains, and dismantling their support network, while facing off grizzled guerrilla fighters.

In 9712, Charlie was finally captured and put to death, putting an end to the rebellion. The Nam province remained unstable for another decade after that due to the fact that many loyalist guerrilla fighters refusing to lay down their weapons.