Żiw Reapers

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Żiw Reapers

Żiw Reapers (Żniwiarze) are a small but well known Fynwell gang of Żiw migrants (mostly poor farmers and share croppers) who have left their frigid homeland for warmer climates.

Most of Żiw migrants who arrive in Fynwell share a similar story: they have lost their livelihoods due to advancing glaciers, frost waves destroying their crops, or were on a loosing side of a conflict between ruthless nobles and punished with exile. They arrive in the City of Cities with only the clothes on their backs. They have no money, and no trade skills useful in a large city. To survive they have created their own support network to share resources and protect their neighborhoods. Their largest communities are located in the Fine Barrow district.

After few bloody encounters during which they managed to repel Black Cloaks, Quillons and Havocs from their territories they have become emboldened. They have started to establish themselves as a formidable and fiercely territorial fighting force. With no support from the government, they started running their own crime operations such as protection rackets, robbery and expanding their influence beyond Fine Barrow into Dog Fenn, Flyside, Fernside and Ashblow Strait.

Resentful of the Black Cloaks and Quillons who for many years tormented their communities they refuse to be governed by the Shadow Council.

Their symbol is two crossed sickles, and many members carry them as their weapon of choice. Most however prefer curved sabers patterned after the traditional weapons of their homeland. They wear traditional Żiw mustaches, prefer Żiw fashion and haircuts and speak Żiw among each other.

Their leader is Stach Strachulec, a respected community leader and ruthless gangster, with personal vendetta against Black Cloaks whom he blames for death of his only son.

Crime Enterprise

Armed robbery and extortion.

Allies and Enemies

Reapers hate Black Cloaks and Quillons who have taxed and tormented their communities for decades. They also do not tolerate Havocs and will pick fights with them on sight.

Leadership and Structure

  • Leader: Stach Strachulec
  • Second: Jaś Miotałec