Black Cloaks

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Black Cloaks

Black Cloaks are a highly organized gang running “protection” rackets in the city. They are disciplined, precise and ruthless when it comes to business. They also have a reputation for partying and drunken debauchery, and starting bar fights when they are "off the clock". They are barely kept in check by the Shadow Council and often step out of their lane.

Their name comes from the fact that they have a fondness for wearing long, black hooded cloaks with gold rims and accents. Their favored weapons are daggers and short swords that can be easily hidden under their cloaks. Many also wear iron gauntlets for fist fighting.

The organization can trace it’s roots back to the ancient times when the city was first funded on Red Mesa. Back then it was known as Tor-Ka, but that name has fallen out of use.

Today the term Tor-Ka is used to describe the inner circle of Black Cloaks who tattoo their bodies with the traditional winding razor vine pattern in black and gold ink and swear traditional oaths of allegiance, just as it was done in the olden days. Each thorn in the vine pattern represents a fallen Tor-Ka hero and part of the initiation was reciting their names and deeds from memory.

In recent years the organization has became very lax about tradition and most new members swear an oath to the current leader Jack Valentine rather than to the organization and are not required to undergo the complex vetting and initiation process, allowing for rapid, and unchecked expansion. New inductees usually don't get tattooed and don't know much about the traditions and history of the organization.

Thus, every Tor-Ka is a Black Cloak, but not every Black Cloak is a Tor-Ka.

Jakc Valentine, also mockingly known as Handsome Jack or Scarface has ascended to his position through intrigue, assassination and blackmail. He has uprooted the elven Thalmar Clan who ruled Tor-Ka for centuries. The only known surviving member of the once powerful crime family is teenage Ilsa Thalmar who has allegedly fled the city, (last seen, being escorted via Flyside by one of Fynwell's White Knights).

Valentine cares little about ancient tradition, and chooses to lead Black Cloaks as he sees fit. He values personal loyalty over tradition and profit over honor. Tor-Ka disapprove his leadership and wish to be rid of him, but so far were unable to depose him.

Crime Enterprise

Protection, extortion, blackmail and kidnapping.

Allies and Enemies

Black Cloaks are a member organization of the Shadow Council. They often clash with the Quillons who have similar focus and specialization. Their stated enemies are Havocs, Żiw Reapers and Blue Jays who interfere with their operations in the territories they control.

Leadership and Structure