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Butt Butterscotch

Basic Info

Butt Butterscotch
Personal Information

Full Name: Butt Butterscotch
Nickname: Butters
Known Aliases: -
Class: Cleric
Background: unknown
Race: Stout Halfling
Alignment: Lawful Good

Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Distinguishing Features: none

Date of Birth: 23rd of Thorncrest
Place of Birth: unknown
Birthsign: Wolf
Patron Deity: The Archknight


Character Backstory

The home village of Butt Butterscotch was pillaged by a warband lead by a Warlock named Azeno Vizago. Butterscotch's entire family was killed during the raid, however he was able to escape the purge. Afterwards he joined the Church of Tempus to find solace, and to empower himself. He studied at the temple of the god of strife so that he would be ready to defend the common folk, prevent atrocities such as the one that befell his family.

After completing his training, Butterscotch went out into the world lending his services to those in need. Deep down inside, however he still pines for revenge and he has been slowly tracking the Warlocks who burned down his village. This private investigation, not sanctioned by his temple led him to Fynwell and later to Fairhaven.

The Butterscotch family was a great line of cooks. This trait, however, did not pass down to Butt. Steven LaCase was heard to say of his souffle, "WTF is this shit?" and throw it away.

Fun Fact: Butt has 6 fingers on his right hand. He has an extra pinky.


Butterscotch is a member of the Church of Tempus.

Family, Allies and Contacts

The Butterscotch family were very talented cooks. This trait, however, did not pass down to Butt.

Items and Treasure

Butterscotch owns a set of chainmail armor and fights with a war hammer.

He carries a Healing Amulet that was given to him by Samuel Summers.

He is also currently wearing the Cursed Shackle that was previously worn by the Broblin


Have you seen any Warlocks around here?
Lower thy chub, Sir!