Combination Lock

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Combination Lock

The Combination Lock is the magical lock that protects the shiny marble door to the inner chamber of Lord Aiden's Study, past the the library and The Floor Tile Puzzle.

To open the door one must enter the right 4 digit numerical code on a Steelstone number pad embedded into the door. The keys on the number pad are in Paragon Number System. Above the key pad there are four blank glyph stones. Pressing any key will cause a corresponding number glyph to appear on the left-most available glyph stone. The glyph stones remain lit until four numbers are entered. At that point the code is tested and the door either unlocks, or all the glyph stones are blanked.

Entering incorrect code appears to summon two Modron Protectrons who arrive from behind to cut-off the escape route for the intruders.

Zoryy Feathermoon and Harlan Underford were able to deduce that the pass code for the door was "1234" based on what they knew about Modrons, and their proclivity for order and symmetry.