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Kylee O'Ren

Basic Info

Kylee O'Ren
Personal Information

Full Name: Kylee O'Ren
Nickname: Hot Apple Cider
Known Aliases: -
Class: Barbarian, Berserker
Background: Apple Cider Brewer
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Alignment: Neutral

Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Distinguishing Features: none

Date of Birth: unknown
Place of Birth: unknown
Birthsign: unknown
Patron Deity: none


Character Backstory

Orphaned at the young age, Kylee was raised by her uncle, the patriarch of the Strongbrow Clan, known world wide for the Strong Brow Cider. Despite their wealth, Strongbrows are hardy, uncompromising and tribal people who fiercely defend their orchards from the outsiders. As all members of the clan Kylee is both a skilled tradeswoman and a deadly expert in hand to hand combat.

During a business venture in Fynwell she was contacted by Richard Oddenheim, and old family friend. Richard needed a trusted crew of adventures to help him secure and transport some politically volatile archeological artifacts he found near Fairhaven. She decided to take the job, and was provided an undisclosed sum of money, in order to hire a group of mercenaries to assist her. This how she met up with the remaining Protagonists who were, unfortunately, the best she could find on a short notice.


Kylee is a member of the Strongbrow Clan.

Family, Allies and Contacts

Uncle Strongbrow - father type figure, prominent clan leader.

Richard Oddenheim - old family friend and current employer.

Items and Treasure

Kylee is the heir to the Strongbrow Clan fortune.

She wields Whiplash a magical war hammer.


Okay, I guess I'll rage now!