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The job is the arrangement between Richard Oddenheim and Kylee O'Ren to hire a team of adventures to relocate Richard's artifacts.

Kylee hired the following members to work on her team:

Its main responsibility includes daily pick ups of artifact crafts to drop off at specific locations in Fairhaven. From there, a separate party handles re-location.

Richard is a generous employer offering his employees the tools necessary to complete their job such as a horse and cart, other useful items such as Richard's Scrolls, and even providing a monetary bonus for a job well done. He did not agree with Rando DeButt's business practices after Rando's Crew ambushed the Protagonists and in the process destroyed one of the crates containing valuable research. This led to a falling out between Richard and Rando where Richard blew a hole in the side of The Wedge.

As new information is discovered, crate transportation is temporarily suspended for the team to investigate Lord Aiden's Mansion in search of Lord Aiden's Trade Ledger. The discovery of this item could disclose the location of the Lost Dwarf Fortress and expedite Richard's research.