Royal Seagull

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Royal Seagull


Royal Seagull is a trade ship owned by Bethany Rogers. It was used by the Protagonists to make the journey from Fynwell to Fairhaven.

The ship's lower deck contains a cargo hold and passenger cabins. The upper front deck has a built in harpoon gun / balista operated by a crew of skilled dwarf engineers.

The Royal Seagull travels where there is business, usually shipping goods. Its route is often between the major cities of Fynwell, Fairhaven, and Koda.

The ship was part of the refugee fleet that carried survivors of the Siege of Fairhaven to Koda. Captain Bethany Rogers stayed behind with a handful of volunteers to fight the pursuers and buy the refugees more time to escape. The fate of the ship and the volunteers is unknown at the moment.


Royal Seagull is crewed by a mixed race crew of humans, elves and dwarves, though most crewmen are human. The crew consists of about a dozen members.