Viktor Charlie

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Victor Bartholemew Charlie the III was the cousin of King Richard Helmsworth and Regent of the Kingdom of Westmarch between 9789 and 9700.

He became the Regent when King Richard died in 9789, and his 6 year old son William Helmsworth was to young to be crowned. He was supposed to rule in the King's stead until young William comes of age, but in 9700 when the prince turned 16, Charlie refused to abdicate.

His betrayal started a 12 year old civil war known as William's War. He suffered an embarrassing defeat during the Battle of Penbrook when he famously took an arrow to the knee, and fled the battlefield. His armies were routed and destroyed by the Crown forces.

Charlie spent the last 7 years of his life in hiding, leading guerrilla operations from a hidden fortress somewhere in the sparsely populated wilderness of the Nam province.

He was finally captured and executed for treason in 9712.