Count Drakenhoff

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Count Drakenhoff

Ludwig von Drakenhoff, or Count Drakenhoff, was one of the mortal generals who lead the assault on Lord Aiden's Mansion during the Purge.

According to the legend, Lieutenant Drakenhoff dealt the final blow to Lord Aiden. As a reward for killing one of the last remaining Paragons, Councillor Darius Corellius gave Drakenhoft the gift of immortality by turning him into a vampire. Drakenhoff was given all of Lord Aiden's lands and possessions, and took up residence in the Paragon's mansion along with his wife Vanessa.

He has resided there up until about 300 years ago, when his vampiric condition was revealed. This resulted in a holy crusade being launched and lead by clerics and paladins of Tempus. The crusade culminated in a siege of the mansion by a few thousand Knights of Tempus. Even though he was a powerful vampire and master of magic, Drakenhoff could not face an army of holy fighters by himself. In a desperate attempt to even the odds, he offered his gifts to his servants and staff. Among those who took the gift was Summers Family. Those who refused the gift were drained to fuel the newly created fledgling vampires, although children were spared.

Despite this desperate move, Count Drakenhoff lost the battle, and the holy army took the mansion. The warriors of Tempus were forbidden to loot anything from Drakenhoff's vampire den, lest it was tainted by dark magic. Instead they simply set the mansion ablaze, and left. Of course the place, which has belonged to a Paragon, was warded against mundane fires so damages were minimal.

The sole survivor of the siege was Samuel Summers who was hidden in a casket of wine in the cellar and Mr Clatterby.

The painting in the foyer of Lord Aiden's Mansion depicts Drakenhoff in red metal armor with black and gold-trimmed pauldrons. His hair is slicked back and he is an attractive man. He carries an ornamental sword, which the painting shows his wife's hands on top of his weapon. Countless servants are also painted in the background of this painting.