Lord Aiden

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Lord Adien

Lord Aiden is a mostly forgotten historical figure that appears in few old stories and scholarly chronicles in the Western Kingdoms. It is thought he lived around 2000 years ago, although this estimate may not be accurate.

He is described as a local aristocrat who owned a large estate near the coast close to the area where Fairhaven is today. He is rumored to have been a sorcerer and powerful merchant. Any attempts to discover the ruins of said estate have met with failure, until Richard Oddenheim seemed to pin-point it's location by examining the artifacts he found during his archaeological expeditions.

The evidence found by the Protagonists seems to suggest that Aiden was one of the fabled Paragons. His daughter, Arielle reveals he was a few hundred years old before he was slain.

He was slain by Count Drakenhoff with an army led by Darius Korelius during the Purge.