Act 3

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Act 3: Lords and Ladies

Party at the Seagul


My acres of a land, I have achieved

IRL Disney Princess

In which Seraphina explodes a bandit chief

The Morning after, aka Fuck This Game, We All Quit

Morningwood Massacre

Dragon Fell

Hobnob with the Hobgob

You're a Wizard, Harlan

Battle at the Howling Pass

Stupid Sexy Tyranus

Swamp Camp


Harlan's Battle Nap

For the Horde

Scary Terry

Khan Tastic

Richard's Life Story

On the way back home Scary Terry notices Harlan has a dormant spell upon him. Harlan was previously unaware of the spell, and wants to be rid of it. Terry offers to dispel it, and Harlan agrees. As soon as the spell is gone, Harlan is flooded with memories of Richard Oddenheim. It turns out the mage has implanted these memories in Harlan's mind during the Siege of Fairhaven and the spell was in place to block access to them.

Harlan vividly re-live's Richard's entire life, from his childhood, growing up in the same village as Kylee O'Ren, his studies at Zorandon Isle, his many adventures and culminating in the mission during which he successfully rescued king Richard Helmsworth from imprisonment in Underdark but also inadvertently freed some eldritch, primordial beast and unleashed it upon the earth. The memories also reveal Richard's unrequited love for whatsherface (?) and her tragic death during the final mission.

Deal With the Devil

While Harlan lies down to have a quick cry after the traumatic memory flood, Zorry and Seraphina are visited by Ikky who wants to collect on the deal they made in Koda. He wants the heroes to get of the ship in a nearby forest clearing and lay an ambush on a courier carrying an important message. He stresses that if the message is delivered, or destroyed in transit, results would be disastrous. He wants the protagonists to intercept the message and deliver it to him, while at the same time eliminating all the witnesses.

The heroes reluctantly agree. Both Harlan and Zorry have qualms about killing an innocent person, so they decide to stage the ambush as a mundane highway robbery, and spare the courier after relieving them of the message and any other possessions. They make up some excuse about having to retrieve some stashed equipment from their last adventure, which Steven buys without batting an eye. The ship drops them off in the clearing, and they set a trap.

Worst Highway Robbery in History

The heroes take positions in the clearing and take steps to make themselves appear as common criminals and highway robbers by covering their faces and hiding any identifiable insignia or valuables. Soon they spot their target: a red haired priestess of Skonis Asteri.

She quickly notices Kaya and Zorry who are not as good at hiding as Harlan. Kaya emerges from the bushes and tries to engage the priestess in conversation. Harlan attempts to flank the target, but Kaya's attempts at small talk freak out the priestess who starts to retreat into the forest away from Harlan. This goes on for a whole, until the rogue decides to emerge from hiding and tries to convince the girl she is surrounded and that she should just peacefully hand over her belongings.

The priestess does not buy it, and starts slinging magic missiles. She turns out to be formidable foe, especially because the heroes take care not to hurt her to much, and Kaya abstains from fighting and tries to reason with the woman.

Eventually the priestess succumbs to her wounds, falls to her knees and begins to pray.

Suddenly Demons

Dukeing it Out


Circling to Zoranden

You're like a spy now. A super spy.

Casino Royale

Sam's Trial: Objection!

Sparrowhawk's Very First Assignment

Chains of Love

Charles Knoxton

After being briefed by R.A.D. the heroes are allowed to visit Charles Knoxton. The boy now lives and studies in the Academy of Magics. When the heroes see him, he is bound with magical chains that are supposedly used to dampen his wild magic powers. Knox tells the heroes he is being treated well here. His room is lavishly furnished compared to what he is used to, and he fed very well, and allowed to eat what seems to be extravagant and exotic foods. He also has plenty books to study and practice, but he does not get out much. The mages think he is still a danger, and mostly keep him confined to his quarters. He does have a magical ball which lets him spy on what is going on in the city as a form of entertainment.

Harlan disapproves of his treatment and voices his complains to Ms. Maddox. He recommends that they let the boy out of his room more, and let him make friends with other students. Zorry agrees and warns them that the boy may grow to resent this treatment. Maddox assures the heroes the precautions are necessary and that the boy must undergo more training. She assures them that once they are confident of his control he will be given full autonomy.

Free Company (not actually free, it's mercenaries)

Richard Harlan, Agent of Fulcrum

Not Starting a Bar Brawl

Trevor Corey, Dragon Slayer

The heroes arrive in Fynwell on the Day of the Dead. They promptly get themselves kidnapped by a serial killer and imprisoned in some musty basement despite having a combined power level of over nine thousand. It's ok though, because it's technically not cannon, except when it is.

They have to be rescued by Trevor Corey who gets help from Mr. Barkley, Teebeede and Treeodore. What ensues is a very special halloween episode during which the sidekicks stumble through an adventure and almost by accident rescue the heroes.

At some point before stumbling upon the killer's den, Trevor Corey manages to drop a dragon egg at a festival stall (and names himself a dragon slayer). He also visits a fortune teller who turns out to be a demon or a hag. It is revealed that Trevor is a very special boy. Also, Ikky is involved somehow. needs clarification (?)

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