History of Eoran

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Below are the important historical dates relevant to the campaign.

The campaign begins in 9,748 also denoted as '48. See Common Calendar.

Date Event
Year 0 End of the Purge
0-1200 The Dark Ages
200 Planar rifts open to lower planes and Feywild. Gnomes arrive in Eoran.
200-800 Decline and fall of Ancient Dwarf Empires
~ 1110 (?) The Tomb of Darius Corellius built in what is now known as Westmarch
8889 Founding of Fynwell
8990 Monarchy abolished in Fynwell
9380-9410 The Blazing Glory Crusades in Darkshire
9403 Sack of Drakenhoff Estate, end of Drakenhoff rule in Darkshire
9512 Robert Helmsworth unites Westmarch, establishes Helmsworth Dynasty
9544 Founding of Pelagrino
9564 The port city of Fairhaven established in former Darkshire
9586 Westmarch anexes Eastvale territory
9628 Student Riots in Zul
9646 King Angmar born in Umberland
9683 Prince William Helmsworth of Westmarch is born in Highport
9689 King Richard Helmsworth dies; Viktor Charlie becomes Regent of Westmarch
9699 William Helmsworth turns 16; Viktor Charlie refuses to abdicate
9700 - 9712 William's War: civil war between Crown of Westmarch & Viktor Charlie loyalists
9712 Viktor Charlie captured and executed in Nam; End of William's War
9716 Prince Liam is born in Highport
10th of Dust '23 Harlan Underford is born in Fynwell
9728 Quargyle and 7 Day War
9738 Crown Prince Cedric of Umberland assasinated by Namfoodle Fizzlebang
3rd of Hallow '41 King William of Westmarch goes missing; Prince Liam becomes the Regent
9742 Revolution in Umberland
21st of Everbloom '48 The Protagonists meet in Fynwell
2nd of Cinder '48 The Royal Seagull attacked by Pirates
3rd of Cinder '48 The Protagonists arrive in Fairhaven
7th of Cinder '48 Arielle Unleashed
12th of Cinder '48 Newt Ice Brewery fire and Bacon Theather explosion
14th of Cinder '48 Prince Regent's speech in Fairhaven
30th of Cinder '48 Siege of Fairhaven and death of Prince Regent
9749 Samuel Summers becomes Duke of Summervale